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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Toshiba 4K TV 55U7763DB Basic Features and Specifications

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TOSHIBA launched a new 4K TV Toshiba 55U7763DB 4K TV. Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company. That’s very interesting to have Toshiba’s TV back, from long back Toshiba is manufacturing and selling its TVs in market with good reviews till now. Now Toshiba has launched a whole new 4K TV, a few days back Toshiba launched its 49U6763DB TV and now 55U7763DB with a good feedback and hopefully got very good feedback all over.

The TV is as light that if one lifts it up it feels like just an empty cardboard box is being lifted. The TV looks pretty enough externally, it is available in good skin tones, sound quality is not noisy its descent, it is having screen sharing option too. A lot of reviews were received by people for its classy look and performance. Till now it may not be that advanced as the other TV but this comes under the categories of those. The Latest smart TV is having features enough to be used.



Screen Size                            55” / 140cm
Resolution                              UHD (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type                              E-LED

Main Features

Smart TV                                 YES
Processor Type                       Dual Core
Total Picture Quality             1400


Wide Color                            YES
HDR                                        NO
UHD                                        YES
Picture Modes                      Dynamic, Games, Sports, Cinema,
                                                 Natural, User


Antenna Input                      YES
HDMI                                       4x HDMI 2.0
USB                                         YES
VGA                                         YES
Digital Audio Output           Optic
Ethernet                                 YES
Headphones                           YES

Smart TV

Toshiba Smart Portal            YES
Web Browser                           YES
Netflix                                       YES
YouTube                                    YES
YouTube 4K                              YES
Internet WLAN                         YES
Bluetooth                                  YES
Smart Guide Application      YES
Smart Remote Application   YES

Inside The Box

Remote Control
Remote Control Battery
Quick Start Guide

The thickness of the TV from top is 55mm and the thickness from bottom including the TV base stand is 191mm. Light in weight thus it is easy to be transported from one place to another place. The frame of TV is trimmed with a very attractive look and the little silver bar attached to the bottom edge gives a sexy look. As there is nothing special in the Toshiba’s 4K TV 55U7763DB smart system, and there is a bit lack in support from Amazon, having a Smart TV as this is like a lottery in cheap price. Over all its one of the best smart and cheap TV with enough features added into it.

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