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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Zebronics Air Duo Review: Truely Wireless Device At The Cost Of Rs 4,999

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Zebronics Air Duo

Zebronics has launched a new truly wireless product in the market that is Zebronics Air Duo. Zebronics Air Duo is another great wireless headset.The company has priced the device at Rs 4999 and it is available online as well as offline stores in the country.

In the box you have the headset along with dual micro USB for Bluetooth earbuds, carry pouch, warranty card, extra air plug caps, USB cable, user manual.From outside its construction and finishing are very good, earbuds look premium and comes with a metallic glossy look with swapable earbuds. Along with this it has a media/call control button in both the earbuds to recieve and cut the calls and to pause/play music. Each earbud have individual mic and Battery.Also Zebronics air duo have LED indicator. You can pair two devices with the headset,each earbud with a Device.
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Zebronics Air Duo is very light and weighs 14 grams(each bud 7g) and earbuds are a bit bulky. Although they are very comfort and fit well in the ears.You can use them for a long time without any problem, until the battery is drained.

Zebronics Air Duo Specifications
BT versionV4.1
BT range20 m
Standby time80 h
Talking time3.5 h
Music time3 h
Charging time2 h
Net. weight7g x 2

Zebronics Air Duo is slightly different from other wireless Bluetooth headset.Because The Zebronics Air Duo does not come with the charging case like the other Bluetooth headset. You need to charge it with our charger.you can them charge it with Power banks.
The good thing is that USB cable has two USB for micro USB points, since it is easy to charge both earbuds together.

Sound quality:

Sound quality is very good, bass is better, feels good and offers surround sound.

Overall Review:

If you want to have a wireless earbud Bluetooth device, then this is a good option for you. The good thing is that there is no wires in it which makes turn head anywhere and is perfect for fitness geeks. The Zebronics Air Duo is a bit bulky, does not come with the charging case, you have to charge each bud seperately with the cable. Although this is kinda expensive.if they costs between 2500-3500 then these are the best wireless bluetooth headset.

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