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Friday, 23 February 2018

Panasonic P100 Specifications, Features and Price

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Panasonic P100

Panasonic had launched P99 in the beginning of October last year. Then the experts updated the device and hoped for some new features. Panasonic had delivered into their new devices P100. After using it for about a week it felt that the budget category of this smartphone is new along with waist exchange offer with some of the better mobile phones searched and bought economically. Smartphones usually comes with plastic body cover, but Panasonic has given its device a metallic finishing. Backside view gives a royal look, but from the front there is a little bit of odd filling of display, the black border is given in the edges. P100 is coining in the range of 6 thousand with Gorilla glass protection. 2GB RAM runs the apps smoothly.
There is a big advantage of having a fingerprint sensor, which is basically not available in budget phone. The company also mentioned it in the box. In Smart lock segment trusted face and trusted voice are also obesity i.e. unlocking the phone with face or voice can be done. The display colors are good and sharp. Plus point of camera is that they are having flashlights in the front and rear side. Face beauty mode is quite effective. HDR support is also given in the front camera. A good feature of the phone is its pocket mode option. Go to smart suite and turn on Pocket Mode and after that if the device is in your pocket and you receive any call then the ringtone will automatically increase. You can also use flip tune option which mutes the ringtones as soon as the screen is flipped. When the on body detection mode is activated, till the device is in hand it doesn’t gets locked. Last but not the least there is one more option, dura speed which is quite effective and the battery runs high and lasts long.

Panasonic P100
Android 7.0
720 x 1280 pixels
8MP (rear), 5MP(front)
RAM & Storage
1.25GHz quad-core
Black, Gold, Blue
Rs 5,299/-

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