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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

How to save battery in smartphone - The TechTroll

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How to save battery in smartphones
These are some of the tips and tricks to save battery in your phone, use these tricks to save your phone's battery. This will increase your battery life and you can use your phone now for longer time

Apps Download
Downloading apps are free, but that does not mean you keep on downloading apps without thinking. Download only work apps and if you think that some apps are no longer of any use and you have closed them, then remove them from the phone. Uninstall unneeded apps downloaded. Go to phone settings and inspect Battery Use to know which applications are using how much capacity of battery. If there is any unnecessary application which is using more battery capacity then uninstall it.

Widgets are basically of larger than normal sized icons, which occupy more space on your phone’s screen - like weather conditions teller or facebook and twitter widgets. Widgets which update automatically use plenty of battery. Apps which are occasionally used, do not use them on the home screen, whereas open them by going ahead in menu.

Switch off animations in all the applications. Style will decrease, but battery life will increase. Pressing the home button does not turn off the apps; they just go back to the background and keeps on processing and uses your quality battery. To close the apps running in background go to background and close them or else keep on pressing back button till the apps are closed.

Screen consumes the most amount of battery. The bigger the screen, the more shiny and high-resolution, the more power will be needed. If your phone has auto brightness mode then use it for sure, if not then keep your brightness around its 50 percent or less. This will consume less battery. It’s an advantage that it won’t let your eyes strain. In special conditions you can increase brightness while viewing photos or videos in bright sunlight. Keep the background of the phone black, so the phone battery will run for more time. Let's look at the screen timeout. That is to say, do not do anything but the light of the screen will be off automatically after how long your phone is not used. The smaller the screen timeout, the longer the battery will run, to reduce it go to display in settings and change it.

Do not always keep activated Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile data in the phone. Because of this, the battery gets over quickly and there may be problems when needed. For this go to settings and change them according to need and then go to Location Services and deactivate enabled locations for various apps. Location Services track the location of app in phone which uses more battery, you should turn on the location service for a while when needed. Sometimes it is not possible to charge even though the battery is very low in some condition, thereby then turn off the mobile data. The phone will continue, though internet-related services will not work.

Find out how many services run continuously in your phone which includes syncing too. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Office Mail, Google Plus… uses a lot of battery and mobile data also. Turn off sync when it is not necessary, to change this go to settings.

Compared to the ringtones, the phone vibrates more and vibration uses excess amount of the phone’s battery it has to be turned off when it is not in use.

Do not use two antiviruses in the phone. Some people assume that two antiviruses will make their phones more secure, but it’s not like this. These will make your phone slack and the battery will also go away, for long battery use only a single antivirus

If you are in a place where there are no signals or less network connections, then do not search for signals. It costs your battery more. It will result in low battery, in this condition switch off your phone or keep it in flight mode.

Think and use the camera and video carefully when there is low battery. Both of these things require lots of power. When the phone starts getting heat then come to know a thing that huge amount of battery is being used, at this point of situation give it is to be in rest.

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