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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus to a new arena with dual aperture camera

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Ssmsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung has launched GalaxyS9 and S9 Plus past days and we used S9 Plus for more than a week as a primary phone. Samsung is bringing small changes in its flagship phone which will increase the experience of the user to a better level. How is the new Galaxy different from the old one? There are no revolutionary changes, but there are new features that can make the phone use to a better experience. Although it may not be very different from the S8, but Samsung has somewhat which adds the experience to a different level. This time the most focus is on the photography.

There are three new features in S9 Plus:
  1. The camera with dual aperture which means the highest level of aperture for the first time in any phone was F1.5 aperture.
  2. Super slow-mo mode.
  3. AR Emoji that creates similar emoji with your face expressions.

Dual aperture of F1.5 for low light and F2.4 for bright light in 12MP main camera, the camera takes a better picture in the dark because of more apertures and the level of 1.5 is the first time we are viewing in a phone. When a picture was clicked in full dark a lot of detail was there. It can be said that the best camera in the low light at this time is S9. The dual aperture changes itself by seeing the level of light, i.e., in more light it goes on F2.4 and in result a sharp picture is obtained. Dual lens is available in the rear camera of S9 Plus while the S9 has single lens. In photography, this phone can do so much as no other phone can do.

Galaxy S9 Plus
Android 8.0 Oreo
Octa core (2.7 GHz, Quad core, M2 Mongoose + 1.7 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53)
12MP+12MP(rear), 8MP(front)
3500mAh, non-removable
RAM & Storage
6GB, 64GB
Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple

Supper Slow Mo is one of the more unsurpassed features. Slow Motion is available in many phones, Super Slow Mo is also advanced, which can be recorded up to 960 frames per second. There are some challenges, like lighting should be good. Secondly, when you take a picture in this mode, a box appears in the middle of the screen, when an object is in motion in that area, then the slow mode itself is active, means you have to wait a while. This mode is very potential and hopefully Samsung will do this better. AR Emoji is a funny feature, which accordingly creates emoji after clicking a picture of your face. This feature was first seen in the IPhone X.
The TechTroll
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

In the S9 series this is liked the most, basically it’s like the face and the emoji does not match sometimes, for example a face was round in real whereas in emoji it was thin enough and wasn’t looking like the real one. In rest of all cases, S9 Plus works like perfect android phone, in place of snapdragon 845, Exyons is in India with enough speed. 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage keeps enough space for you. The phone neither heats up nor does it hangs. Full View Display of 62-inch super AMOLED in 18.5:9 ratio, which is probably the best. Covered display with curved edges where several types of apps can be functioned. 3500mAh battery with fast charging is available, but if a lot of media is used on its beautiful camera then battery life comes down soon too. Tune of AKG dual speaker gives amazing sound output. Samsung has also given its headphones with AKG which is a treat for music lovers. Samsung Health, its water proof, Smart assistant like so much in this phone that you will enjoy exploring the device.
S9 is a perfect flagship smartphone which is a wow factor and a smooth user experience too.

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