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Thursday, 19 April 2018

BRITZO: iVVO- India's First 2G Smart Featured Phone

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BRITZO is a latest company in Indian mobile phone market. Going ahead with a motto of digitization of rural India, BRITZO leverages its in-house innovations in ICT (Information Communication and Technology) to offer a technologically evolved alternative to feature phones. The phones are designed in such a way that people at different stages will love holding it.
New Delhi, April 17, 2018: In a landmark move that intends to catalyze rural digitization, BRITZO has launched its smart mobile phone brand ‘iVVO’ in India. The brand launch has been followed by eight 2G feature phones by IVVO that are segmented across five product categories, namely BEATZ, PRIMO, SELFEE, TUFF and VOLT. The company also launched its first 4G feature phone ‘Skipper’ along with two Android Go 4G smartphones belonging to the smartphone series ‘Storm’. Are they charging more for the phone? No, not at all even though all of the launched products are priced from Rs. 599 to Rs. 5,999 and extend had superlative features aimed at the rural populations including multilingual support, feature phone-based WhatsApp and Wi-Fi tethering, facial recognition, shatterproof smartphone screens.
As part of the Initial product rollout, three smart feature phones have been launched under the product category BEATZ, two each under PRIMO, one each under TUFF, VOLT, and SELFEE. The entire product range comes with a mix and match of unconventional features such as smart applications, K-type box speakers, shock-proof designs, wireless FM, long-lasting battery life, automatic call recording, and one touch music access. iVVO also launched its first 4G feature phone ‘Skipper’ with WhatsApp and Wi-Fi tethering capabilities. In order to boost digital adoption and customer convenience, the company has provided multilingual support for English & several regional languages such as Hindi, Urdu and supports other 22 Indian languages in a readable format.
The brand is also rolling out its visually-appealing and feature-intensive 4G smartphones ‘Storm Lite’ and ‘Storm Pro'. The two smartphones host top of the line specs including the latest Android Oreo (Go edition), 8MP front camera with dual selfie flash, 8MP rear camera with flash and auto-focus, shatterproof screen. They also come loaded with ‘face unlock’ facial recognition feature that enables its users to unlock their smartphones by merely looking at it. The two variants are available with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage space and 2GB RAM and 16GB storage space (expandable up to 128 GB). Both of the devices are based on the Android Go operating system that extends the latest Oreo 8.1 software with an assured OS version update and have been priced at Rs. 4,999 and 5,999 respectively.
iVVO customers will be able to enjoy a huge repository of songs and videos, bundled with the brand’s exclusive 210 day replacement warranty as well as 12+3 month product warranty. Applications like ‘Talking Cat’ are some of inbuilt apps in it.
Let’s have a glimpse at the phones launched at the event,
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